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GuiGenie is a free program to create GUIs for Java applications
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GuiGenie is a free program to create GUIs for Java applications. GUI is an acronym that stands for Graphics User Interface. This is a part of the program that allows the interaction of the users with the program, through the entry of data and commands. GuiGenie uses the components available in the Java Swing Package to create this interfaces.
The program offers five ready-made layouts, but recommends to use just the first one, "Absolute Positioning". In that layout, you begin with three buttons that you can put wherever you want on the screen. You can also add, just by dragging and dropping, different components, from the left box to your project´s box. The program offers the JButton (or OK button), the JCheckBox, JComboBox, JLabel, JList, JPasswordField, JRadioButton, JSlider, JTextArea, JTextField, JMenuBar and JToggleButton. You can choose to use as many components as you like, and you can put them wherever you want, and in the size you like. Once you are satisfied with the new GUI, the program will generate the Java code, that you can save and edit as you want before using that code in your own applications.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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